Wheel Loaders

Hitachi's wheel loaders offer you an incredible array of options. Each is designed for easy operation. Minimal force is required to operate levers and pedals, enabling improved controllability. What's more, better gradability on hills, improved digging capability, and maximum visibility (through tapered engine covers) enable the most comfortable operation possible. Some of Hitachi's wheel loaders use hydrostatic transmission (HST) for ease-of-use and controllability. In addition to giving you plenty of speed, this hydraulic pump motor enables maximum mobility on construction sites.

Hitachi is committed to maintaining top efficiency while considering the equipment's surroundings. That's why our wheel loaders come equipped with reduced noise and low exhaust emissions. For being so environmentally-friendly, these machines have incredibly high productivity and low maintenance costs. They are built to be tough and durable so that you get the most for your money.