HBM-Nobas GmbH

HBM-NOBAS is a manufacturer for roadbuilding machinery and special purpose machines.

The company is established as HBM /Hale, Germany/ and NOBAS/Nordhausen, Germany/ merged together into HBM-NOBAS.

Both factories have traditions in machinery building.

Back in 1931 in Nordhausen were produced the first tractors and later excavators. They have been produced till 1990.

In Hale, HBM produced motor graders for the period 1956-1990.

In 1993 both companies were bought by Günter Papenburg AG and in a year they officially merged into HBM-NOBAS GmbH.

In the HQ in Nordhausen the company designs, manufactures and offers graders and special purpose machinery.

HBM-NOBAS is well known for the innovative product range, advanced technologies in producing and solid tradition in this business. The company has large number of clients in more than 100 countries.